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Check out the latest video from Robbie Bodigan a Chartered Physiotherapist at our Drogheda Clinic

This video gives some great tips on releasing your IT Band and Glutes using a Foam Roller

This is ideal for those exercising regularly; particullary participants of Athletics, GAA Sports, Rugby, Soccer etc...

If you would like to make an appointment to see Robbie please call the Drogheda Clinic on 0419843950


Meet Sarah Plunkett MISCP founder of BodyRight Physiotherapy

Sarah is a Chartered Physiotherapist & Modified Pilates instructor.

Her special interests are in Women's Health and Chronic Pain but she treats a wide variety of Musculoskeletal conditions using techniques including Dry Needling, Acupuncture and Modified Pilates for rehabilitation.

Sarah founded BodyRight Physiotherapy in 2006 and is available for consultation at the Drogheda Clinic.

Modified Pilates

Modified Pilates is an exercise system that strengthens the core muscles of the spine, pelvis and shoulder area and is taught by Chartered Physiotherapists. It is designed for the clinical population, i.e. for people with some element of biomechanical or neurological dysfunction, as well as for the healthy population wanting to improve their strength, flexibility, coordination, balance and posture.


Cryotherapy Spa

Cryotherapy is a broad term covering a number of different specific techniques, such as cold gel packs, ice packs, ice massage, vapo-coolant spray, ice immersion and cold whirlpool spa. It is generally defined as the therapeutic application of any substance to the body which results in the withdrawal of heat from the body, thereby lowering tissue temperature.

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