BodyRight’s Video Series

Pilates with Sarah - Meet and Release your Psoas

Sarah take this session to find and release tension in your hip flexors. A shortened tight Psoas muscle can effect your back and many other aspects of your health. Your Psoas will tighten in stressful situations (think running away from a lion!!) and it will shorten with prolonged sitting. This class helps to find balance in the strength and length in the Psoas and other muscles of your hips, pelvis and back, whilst soothing stress levels. Be mindful through your movement and avoid anything that hurts. Ideal for beginner to intermediate level.

Pilates with Sarah - Gentle Mat Class

Sarah heads outdoors with this gentle Mat class for activating your core and loosening your spine. Ideal for post-natal, seniors and beginners.

Pilates with Sarah - Upper Body Posture

Sarah guides you through a great daily routine to help release tension and stiffness that can worsen posture, and build the strength of the muscles that improve upper body posture. A gentle series ideal for beginner level.

Pilates with Sarah - Gymball Core and Stretch

Sarah gives you a conditioning core work out with the Gymball and takes you through stretches to leave the body working and feeling great. Ideal for intermediate level.

Pilates with Sarah - Abdominal intermediate workout

Sarah gives you a quick Abdominal workout leaving you feeling energised and ready for action. A quick and intense work out to feel some belly and body burn. Energise and activate with this one, build on your previous pilates sessions. Ideal for intermediate level.

Pilates with Sarah - Core Awareness

A class to tune you into finding your core and knowing when it's working well. A great preparation for tougher abdominal classes. Also a great class for lower back recovery. Back pain switches off your core, leaving you at risk of further back problems, this class helps to switch the core on again so you can break that cycle. Ideal for Beginner level.

Pilates with Sarah - Seniors Class in Standing

Sarah takes us through a great class to help keep you fit and limber while at home. Exercise your heart , lungs and whole body with this standing Pilates class. Keep a chair handy to help with balance and for the relaxation at the end. Ideal for Seniors trying gentle Pilates.

Pilates with Sarah - Grounding and Balance

Sarah takes us through a series on balance. In this video we progress to challenge our balance while feeling grounded. This series is ideal for Pilates beginners or improvers, looking to gain balance and feel grounded strong and calm.

Mindfulness with Karen - Coping Stratgies

Karen our Mindfulness instructor, gives some practical advice on coping in the current crisis. How to deal with Social Distancing and that sense of loss of social connection. She also looks at the stages of change we and our families are experiencing and how to manage those.

Pilates with Orlagh - Downward Dog Combination

Orlagh gets out into the garden in the spring sunshine to demonstrate the 'roll down into downward dog' combination series. This is a fantastic exercise for improvers and experienced level Pilates participants.

Pilates with Sarah - Pelvic Tension Release

Sarah goes through a series of exercises designed to help release any tension from the Pelvic Floor area. This is a gentle sequence ideal for 'beginner' level and 'experienced pregnancy' level Pilates participants.

Pilates with Robbie - IT Band and Glute exercises

Robbie shows some techniques to release the IT Band and Glutes using the Foam Roller. This series is ideal for sports enthusiasts and all levels of Pilates participants.