Men’s Health

“Empowering our clients in their own healing process”

Have you or your partner had a recent Prostrate Cancer diagnosis and are unsure what to do next?
Are you trying to get yourself physically, emotionally and mentally ready for a Prostatectomy?
If you answer ‘YES’ to either of these questions you are not alone, and we are here to help…


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The facts are that Prostrate Cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed in Irish Men and increasing annually, however survival rates are also increasing with 10yr survival rate now at 89%! (N.C.R.I)

After diagnosis 28% of cases require prostatectomy surgery treatment within 1 year, for these cases Physiotherapy is shown to improve outcomes for patients (N.C.R.I).

BodyRight’s Men’s Health Package with a Men’s Health Chartered Physiotherapist includes…


Pre-operative Prostatectomy Treatments

  • Assessment of pelvic floor activity
  • Tailored pelvic floor exercise program
  • What to expect literature

Post-operative Prostatectomy Treatments

  • Urinary Incontinence assessment and treatment
  • Sexual Dysfunction Treatment
  • Tailored Exercise Program
80% of Incontinence can be cured by Pelvic Floor Exercises… (N.C.R.I)


The Plan…

2 Treatments Pre-op

3 Treatments Post-op

Cost: €300 (staged payment option)

Both male and female chartered men’s health Physiotherapists available


or Call: 0419843950