Are You Ready to take back control?

Then our Mindfulness & Mediation course is for you...

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Chances are you're here because of one of these reasons...
  • You need to reduce your Stress Levels.
  • You want to foster your own well-being and increase your own resil041ience.
  • You would like to increase your emotional intelligence and your ability to relate to others & one's self.
No matter what the reason, we are committed to helping you.
Our Mindfulness Course benefits include:
  • Less emotional re-activity and an understanding of inner peace.
  • Relationship satisfaction at home and at work.
  • Achieving a better quality of life and a better work life balance.
The course is provided by Karen O Brien a Certified Therapeutic Mindfulness Practitioner.
70 Minute Class for 7 weeks only €135 
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