Are You in Discomfort and Pain?

Do you Need Treatment Now?

Then our Chartered Physiotherapy Assessment is for you...

In Clinic Treatments are now available under HSE Covid-19 Guidelines

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Chances are you're here because of one of these reasons...
  • You want to get pain relief FAST!
  • You have an ongoing issue that hasn't been resolved.
  • You're concerned about a problem developing and want to nip it in the bud!
No matter what the reason, we are committed to helping you.
Our Physiotherapy Assessment includes:
  • Comprehensive subjective and objective examination of your issue.
  • Hands on Treatment with a BodyRight Chartered Physiotherapist.
  • A Dry Needling/Electro-therapy Treatment if suitable.
  • During Treatment a Face Mask must be worn under HSE Guidelines
Call 018300100
Virtual Physiotherapy Dublin 7

Our  Virtual Physiotherapy Service includes:
  • Take a complete history for accurate diagnosis.

  • Examine range of motion.

  • Perform a functional movement examination and evaluate strength.

  • Prescribe exercises and stretches for rehab.

  • Provide self directed treatment techniques or help train another person to assist you.

Initial consultation Free of Charge
40min Video Treatment €45

Treatment in the comfort of your own home

t: 01 830 0100

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