BodyRIght Physiotherapy Clinics, as essential service providers, will remain open during the Government enforced lockdown. Our Appointment slots are now 50 minutes to provide complete sanitation between clients and face-masks must be worn for treatment sessions. BodyRight Pilates classes are now available 'Online' please call the clinic for more details... For those Isolating Virtual Physiotherapy is still available...

With Video consults we can:

  • Take a complete history for accurate diagnosis.
  • Examine range of motion.
  • Perform a functional movement examination and evaluate strength.
  • Prescribe exercises and stretches for rehab.
  • Provide self directed treatment techniques or help train another person to assist you.

Virtual Physiotherpay Pricing Structure

10min FREE Initial Phone Consult

Video Treatments €45

In-clinic Treatments €65

Check out our FREE Online Classes...


Meet Sarah Plunkett MISCP founder of BodyRight Physiotherapy

Sarah is a Chartered Physiotherapist & Modified Pilates instructor.

Her special interests are in Women's Health and Chronic Pain but she treats a wide variety of Musculoskeletal conditions using techniques including Dry Needling, Acupuncture and Modified Pilates for rehabilitation.

Sarah founded BodyRight Physiotherapy in 2006 and is available for consultation at the Drogheda Clinic.

Online Video Pilates Series

Check out some of the videos by Sarah and the team, demonstrating Modified Pilates exercises you can try at home...

Modified Pilates is an exercise system that strengthens the core muscles of the spine, pelvis and shoulder area and is taught by the BodyRight Pilates team.

It is clinically designed for people wanting to improve their strength, flexibility, coordination, balance and posture.

We normally run a number of classes weekly for different levels at our clinic, and we hope to do so again soon...


Cryotherapy Spa Demo

The Cryotherapy Spa is a treatment modality available at our Dublin 7 clinic. It is used by Sports People to help prevent or increase recovery from injuries. It involves immersion in cold water (set between 1-14 degrees) up to the level of the injury (legs, waist or shoulders) for up to 10mins. The bath contains salts that are essential for optimised muscle function, as well as jets to help penetrate the muscles and prevent warming of the water through body heat.

Check out the Cryo in action!

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