Sports Injuries

“Empowering our clients in their own healing process”

Sports Injuries.  Whether it’s a new injury or an old one that is still lingering, our Chartered Physiotherapists are trained to treat all sporting injuries. From ankle sprains, torn muscles and broken bones to the more complex injuries and biomechanical issues. Along with reducing pain and recovery time, we aim to fully rehabilitate to prevent the recurrence of the injury and provide confident and timely return to sport.

At BodyRight Physiotherapy we work with both amateur and professional sportspeople in diagnosing, treating and preventing injury. Our clients include runners, footballers, rugby players, hurlers, cyclists, tennis players, musicians and professional performers. Physiotherapy on sports injuries speeds recovery, identifies any underlying causes, and helps to get you back to your activity safely whilst preventing recurrence. We also work on biomechanics to reduce compensatory patterns in order to improve sports performance e.g. gaining spinal flexibility allows for improved golf swing.