“I have been attending the Modified Pilates classes at BodyRight for over a year and have found them to be both beneficial and enjoyable. The classes are small and given in a relaxed atmosphere, with individual attention from Sarah, a Chartered Physiotherapist, to ensure maximum benefit from each session.

The exercises are gentle and progressive, aimed at improving one's flexibility, strength, posture and balance.

Breathing and relaxation techniques complete each class, leaving one feeling relaxed and re-energised. As someone who has difficulties with stiffness due to arthritis, I have found the classes to be excellent and heartily recommend them.”


“After having my knee replaced I needed Physio, but I wasn’t able to drive for weeks. My GP recommended BodyRight Chartered Physiotherapists as they would come out to the house.

I found the Physio was a great relief, and having it at home made life so much easier. I’m back playing tennis and my knee is great. Thanks Sarah!”


“When Dad got out of the hospital after his hip replacement his walking was very shaky, and he was nervous on the stairs.

Caroline and Sarah from BodyRight Physiotherapy came over to Dad’s house. They helped him with his exercises, and treated his back which was sore from all the sitting.

Bit by bit his walking and confidence improved. He’s delighted he got the hip done now. Thanks girls.”


“Living with Fibromyalgia sometimes feels like a constant struggle, but I find the Physiotherapists from BodyRight all very positive and accommodating, and they help me get back on track.

Sometimes I have so much pain and exhaustion I can’t face leaving the house.

At times like that I have my physiotherapy at home, and the relief is great. I used to think it was no pain no gain, but now I know that’s not the case.”


“I first met Sarah in her Physio Clinic in October 2007, I was suffering from a prolapsed disc which caused severe sciatica down my right leg. I was told after an MRI scan & consultation with an orthopedic surgeon that I did need surgery but Iike most I was terrified at the thoughts of surgery. Sarah worked with me over the next few months on my core strengthening and flexibility, she designed a modified exercise plan which I did twice daily and that enabled me to get out of bed and face an hour drive to work and back and in the evening help me to have a pain free evening.

I eventually had the disc removed in April ’08 as the disc was so badly prolapsed that my leg went numb. I was out of the hospital bed within 12 hours of surgery and up walking, the surgeon & hospital physios said this was due to my modified pilates which had left my core so strong.

There were girls in the ward with me who had the same operation but could not get out of bed for 48 hrs and they all were in hospital for 1 or 2 days after I was discharged.

I was back with Sarah in 6 weeks after the op and 1 year later I am doing 2 classes weekly. I am back jogging, Horse Riding and recently climbed a mountain all of the things I love doing and was told I would not be able to do again.

I have no doubt that without attending Sarah and keeping my core strong, my favourite pass times would be a thing of the past. The classes are hard work but very satisfying, I find it a great way of relieving stress and we always have a laugh.”